Apple iPhone owners most devoted purchaser the smartphone

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 12:25 AM

iPhone owners more loyal to their choosing than Android handsets to their fans.

So says GfK, market observers, after interviewing 4500 people throughout Europe, the United States, Brazil, China and Japan. He found that 84 percent of iPhone users would purchase another Apple handset when they upgrade, the company told Reuters. Only 60 percent of the owners of Android the smartphone will make the same commitment to they currently operating system.

RIM will not be happy to know that only 48 percent of BlackBerry owners said they would stick with the brand when they come to get a new phone. Vendors, then, still have plenty of space to win passengers from rival platforms. Apples, though, need to work harder than other vendors, although it is not able to take the loyalty of fans' for granted.
And tricks like this, from Samsung, only serve to help Apple.

What is most interesting for owners of the smartphone on the handset-specific OS combo? GfK said that more than 70 percent of consumers indicate the reason they will stick with their current cell phone brand is due to the integration of handset features and access to content.