Specs and Overview Product HTC EVO 3D

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 8:21 PM

A phone that can see the real world in 3D as you want to do, now photos you can have a depth as great as the moment itself. HTC EVO 3D capture photos and video in 3D plus, you can see it without glasses. 4.3-inch QHD screen so as to provide website amazing crisp, vivid images and video is very fluid.

An incredible view
The large 4.3 inch display serves up incredibly crisp websites, vivid images and fluid video on a pixel-packed qHD screen. Catch the latest blockbusters straight from HTC Watch – a new service that starts the show just seconds into the download and monitors your Internet connection to ensure uninterrupted viewing.[source]

Capture life in 3D
HTC EVO 3D allows you to shoot 3D movies and snap 3D photos via dual cameras, so no matter where you are, capture life as it should be. And see it all in true-to-life detail without 3D glasses.[readmore]