Apple's next-gen iPad arriving in 3-4 months Just a Rumors

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Monday, December 12, 2011 | 6:34 PM

DigiTimes claims that Manufacturing enterprises partner of Cupertino, Calif. which has begun to provide spare parts and components for the third-generation iPad OEM contractors while getting ready for the withdrawal production iPad 2, according to the source.

This report went on to note that the iPad 2 OEM production expected to remain stable at 14-15000000 units in the December quarter, before decreasing to 4-5 million units in first quarter of 2012. Sources said the production of so-called third iPad will reach 9.5 to 9,800,000 units next quarter.

China Commercial Times has reported of Citigroup analyst Kevin Chang said that Foxconn will begin to produce the device in January next large-scale production in February.

The company also recently claimed that the three genes iPad will arrive in February, a month earlier than the time DigiTimes' report. Analyst Richard Gardner said the source had shown no "a significant technical hurdles remained" for the device.

Apple has so far have preferred to let the previous generation of iPad in the spring. The original iPad published in January 2010 and launched in April. The second generation iPad was announced in March this year and the sent the end of that month.

The next generations of iPad is widely believed to include the screen with Retina Display-like quality. The Wall Street Journal reports last month that Apple has invested in a Sharp plant for the production LCD panels for the next iPad. They have been rumored to use the panel IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) technology for help provide a thinner design while improving battery life.

A recent report out of Japan to claim 3 iPad could have a little thicker than the current generation iPad 2, although the reasons of increased is said to still unknown. The device, however, is reported to still be compatible with the Apple Smart Cover.[source]