Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Galaxy Tab 8.9

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Thursday, December 29, 2011 | 6:41 PM

In the spirit of openness, if you would like to use our rom in your work please credit us in your OP and release notes. Our git repo should be up soon.

***Update*** Xmas Dinner Edition ***
Updated links to a 1.1 version, I added the livewallpaper.apks and re-zipped, no other changes.

and a newer version of Google Apps, seems to be more stable, but I've only been using it an hour, let us know!

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!

Is there something in your stocking for your GT7310? Well Santa Clause (in the form of Motely, nycbjr, poisike, termleech (still need a team name!)) is delivering the first public alpha!

This build has been tested on the 7310 (Gtab 8.9 wifi, no 3g), and 7300 with no 3g (3g is being looked at).

Standard YMMV tag: You are flashing this at your own risk, make a nandroid backup first! If this breaks your tab we are NOT responsible.. now go play and have fun!

icyGapps V2

Alpha V1 - ICYXMAS!
  • ICS 4.0.3_r1 vanilla
  • Rooted, deodexed,
  • Includes motley kernel v2e beta (see his thread for git details)
  • WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth

  • In CWM recovery, clear your data/factory reset
  • Clear the dalvik cache (under advanced, or under the wipe menu in overcome cwm)
  • Flash the provided zip using CWM recovery
  • Flash gapps from CWM recovery
  • Bootup and setup your Google account
  • Install cpu control of choice, and set to interactive governor (this is required!)*tested SetCPU, No-frills CPU control, and Antuantu.
  • Give it a chance, this is a deodexed ROM and will boot slow the first time and when you use apps the first time.

Doesn't work/Limitations:
  • WiFi-only, but 3G will be looked at for a future version (no ETA at the moment)
  • Camera doesn't work, don't know when or if it can be fixed.
  • Some video limitations, youtube HD vids not working. Some stuttering will occur until we get the kinks out.
  • Charger screen doesn't look correct when you plugin without booting up (charging status)
  • Voice search doesn't work - May have something to do with this error:
  • W/PackageManager(257): Failure retrieving resources Resource ID #0x0
  • Probably more that we haven't listed, this is an alpha - please let us know.

Team members:
  • nycbjr - project manager, dev (first working build), testing/troubleshooting
  • motley - lead dev, p5 device tree, final build, kernel development
  • poisike - pioneer testing with other tegra ICS ROMs, testing/troubleshooting
  • termleech - testing

  • Google - for the releasing the OS
  • Cyanogen Mod Team - for their awesome git repo and developers. We used the p4 device tree as a starting point.
  • We would like to offer our p5 device if they are interested.
  • Samsung for the awesome device and kernel source (for HC 3.1 at least)
  • digetx - for pointing us in the right direction on the green frame buffer fix!
  • alterbridge - for his CWM Recovery port for 73xx.
  • JaeCar99 - for the sweet "Blue Hallway" bootanimation