LYRIC LEGEND 2, The Fun Music Game for Learning Lyrics!

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Friday, January 20, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Play to learn your favorite songs in the sequel to the hit music game, Lyric Legend! Get your FREE MUSIC through a system of the virtual currency for playing along with your favorite artists.

Try it today with free songs and the music library featuring some of the world's top artists. New Song OVER TOP ARTISTS ADDED EVERY MONTH! Get this App!

New Features:
  • ALL NEW 3D GRAPHICS for stage performance big time!
  • Customizable avatars with a bonus score for specific clothing items
  • Place MATCH 5 for the show bigger and better
  • NEW EASY MODE where you do not have to press every song. Perfect for learning new songs
  • Lyric Legend of a player can get all their favorite music from LL1 by visiting the Library Management via the Options button
  • Choose a song, hit song time with
  • Get FREE MUSIC from the top artists in our virtual currency system
  • Four difficulty levels let you jump on your own comfort level with enough room to grow as you master the lyrics. Begin in Easy mode to get the hang of it and then speed it up with lyrics that much.
  • In sections without lyrics, press to start knocking down a light show on stage
  • Customize your avatar and increase your score with new items
  • Test score you against the world or in the local town with a score-based GPS
  • Use the Power of Legend to increase your score, and get the words straight to increase your multiplier.