'Ice Rage' Update Adds New Character and iCade Support

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 | 7:45 PM

In mid-December, Mountain Sheep quietly dropped them one-on-one arcade ice hockey title to the App Store's anger. We thought it was pretty fun little game in our review, but the anger Ice is so sorely lacking in content that's a bit hard to know what to make of it. Since its initial release, the developers have overcome this problem with a decent flow of updates.

A week after the launch of the update adds Motorcycles Baron as a playable character, and then update in January, adding a new character and fun single-player tournament mode with a simple stat upgrade system.

Slowly but surely, Anger Ice has gained perfection, and today has released a new update continues to progress it. In fact, it's probably the biggest update yet Anger Es. A new skater, great Svensson Swedish champion, has been added to the list, and he looks ready to party. Also, each character has been given their own individual "weight" in the game, giving them feel more unique from each other as opposed to just feel like a different skin from the same player.
iPhone 4s and iPad 2 owners can also be treated with anti-aliasing's latest update, and touch-up during multiplayer zones and large memory optimization.

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