Millennial Media’s Self Serve mMedia Tool Goes Live

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Thursday, March 1, 2012 | 1:24 PM

Millennial Media, the independent leader in mobile advertising, take some time in the MWC announced that serve their self Multimedia tools have gone from beta to full release.

Multimedia enables developers and advertisers to reach more than 200 million global mobile phone users with ad platform Millennial Media. Multimedia thousand new campaign is easy and fast to manage and deliver tools for advertisers to control their offer, creative, targeting and much more.

These tools allow recurring regular campaigns and advertisers who use the same message in several advertisers the opportunity to reach developers with available inventory more quickly. In turn, the developers can get more ad fill up fast.

"Multimedia expand our mobile advertising platform for developers and advertisers who are looking for a complete self-service solutions," said Chris Brandenburg, Founder and CEO, Millennial Media. "Whether their goal is to monetize an application or to promote a business, the technology behind the Multimedia developers and partners to help advertisers unlock the power of the mobile and the drive to be the scale of their business."

Multimedia also offers advertisers the ability to get hyper-local in their reach. Setting up a geo-fence or virtual fence to where their ads viewed on mobile devices. Features like this are great for a large metropolitan area where the business even outside of miles of radius is seen as too far.