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Written By Mekhels Linxets on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

From the mouth of Ryan Scott about Necrotizong Fasciitis:
This was originally started by some good friends of mine who wanted to try and help. And while I really appreciate the idea, I didn't want to appear like a guy begging for charity so I never got involved. But after some thought, even if I get no help at all and this crap wins the fight, I really want people to be aware that this stuff exists, it is VERY real, very painful, and very scary. It is actually fatal in over 73% of cases of the infection, and can be contracted in several different ways and several variations of bacteria can result all in this same condition. From a tiny scratch of the skin, to an ingrown hair, to a spider bite, it's unbelievably easy to contract, and has no cure aside from amputations and extremely intense and expensive treatments, and more often than not, death. I really just want to make people aware of this disease and it's extremely fast growing rate of exposure and victims. It not only "eats you alive" so to speak, but it also kills the immune system at the same time leaving its victims susceptible to serious issues from any sort of illness they may contact after the fact. A flu could end a victims life. When I was diagnosed, I had 3 hours to live. And I have managed to stay alive but have also been fighting smaller illness that can push it over the edge. I have had pneumonia since June because of this. Anyway, whether or not anyone decides to help out financially, or just be a friend to me or any other victim facing the absolute hardest thing they have ever faced in their life mentally (knowing and accepting the end result) and physically (being almost bed ridden with uncontrollable excruciating pain), the idea that we are not alone in this time means more than words can express. I know the pictures are gross and it's probably not the coolest of reads but please take a sec and have a glance at what this crap is and be aware that it exists, and take immediate action if you end up in a situation where you could be exposed to infection via a break in skin etc. I wouldn't wish this crap on my worst enemy.... Thanks for giving me a minute of your time and thank you to my friends who are trying to help me through this...What We Need & What You Get

Our goal is to raise funds for medications for his illness to provide better health. If our goal is reached I (Polo Heysquierdo) will ship out 2 Limited edition Android Beanies to a lucky person who reshares this on G+ or contributes.

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Ryan Scott has helped so many lets do our part and give help back to our community.