2013 in Predictions

Written By Mekhels O' Cypher on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | 5:35 AM

With a new year beginning, many are looking ahead for insights and predictions on what’s to come – and in the realm of consumer tech, there’s no shortage of discussion on what we’ll be getting our hands on this year. Our own Chief Technology Officer, Vlad Sejnoha, shared his predictions for 2013 with Forbes and Wireless Week – citing speech advancements that will revolutionize the user interface:

“For many people, 2012 will be known as the year that it actually became “normal” to use your voice to control your phone, car, computer and even your TV.  This happened due to some remarkable enhancements in the field of voice recognition and natural language understanding (NLU)…

People have taken to these new voice-powered user interfaces with great enthusiasm, many reporting a strong emotional connection with their new “assistant.” Many also recognized that these systems are often still works in progress, mixing areas of uncanny brilliance with surprising gaps in basic understanding.”

So what can we expect for 2013?

“Expect the current generation of virtual personal assistants to evolve into ubiquitous intelligent systems. These will communicate with people through voice, text, vision, touch and gestures and will factor in ambient information like location or motion to understand context, giving greater relevance of every interaction.”

What does this really mean for your everyday interaction with technology?
  • Voice recognition will become even more accurate
  • Mobile devices will be more aware of the user and his or her context, and more discriminating about what’s relevant and what is not
  • A reduction in necessary steps needed to perform an action on your device will occur
  • Users will have a consistent experience across multiple platforms – with the devices recognizing the user and storing their personal information/tasks
  • Speech interaction with our devices will become even more humanistic
  • Virtual assistants will be the face of customer care across many industries
In short, our interactions with technology will become less of a manual experience and more integrated with our natural instincts and lives – with these devices reading human interaction more readily and easily.

What are your predictions for 2013? We want to know! Tell us your predictions on our Facebook page. We’ll be keeping track of all of your predictions throughout 2013, and for those that come true we’ll send the all-knowing predictor a prize!
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