MICROSOFT WINDOWS 9 Comes Next November ?

Written By Mekhels O' Cypher on Thursday, March 21, 2013 | 11:33 AM

I personally wasn't surprised when the news got to me ,that Microsoft windows 9 will be available sometime next year. Considering the fact that windows 8 hasn't made it way to most PCs in the world ,it just feels too soon and besides do we really need a next generation of desktop OS? . Windows 8 has been around for about a year now ,after Microsoft seeded the the developer preview to the public in an unprecedented manner ,in spite of not releasing for another 2 and half month ,the successor to windows 8 is already in the pipeline.

As we all know from windows 7 ,then 8 and of course 9 by nature,but Mary Foley thinks there is something in the pipeline.Foley suspects the successor to windows 8 will be code-named  windows 'blue'. Though this are all based on speculations but I think it's worth it if the company is considering an upgrade (with bug fixes probably) ,especially when windows 8 isn't the messiah Microsoft have hoped for. 

Windows 8 has faced some couple of criticism from various Hardware (OEM) manufacturers. Samsung executive ,Dong-Soo jun has taken his criticism a bit further and claims ,"windows 8 system is no better than the previous windows vista platform" .Mean while Fujitsu has blamed windows 8 for it own PC sales decline. This is probably the 1st time a Microsoft partner has dared to compare windows 8 to vista .What Dong-Soo jun was most likely saying is windows 8 is not helping the industry to sell more computers. Windows 8 isn't perfect as anybody who has used the RTM versions closely can attest ,but it has much going for it. (Theophilus Bawa)