Free Download Pelican Paul Android Games (APK)

Written By Mekhels Linxets on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | 12:03 PM

Pelican Paul Android Games - Games description: No more boring runner games! The age of running-arcades is coming. Inspired by watching wild pelicans fly south in a TV show, Paul the toy sets off in an adventure.
Follow Pauls tale as he runs, leaps and transforms his way towards freedom.

Game Features
  • Pelican Paul is not simply a running and jumping game.
  • You can run and jump, but also transform to use your tank, night vision, rocket and so on to blast your way through obstacles. 
  • Upgrades allow you to enhance transformations for more power. Collect the hidden stars! 
  • From inside houses to the vast skies, the storymode with 5 chapters give players new environments to explore along with endless experience.
  • Each chapter has its unique obstacles and gadgets you can use. 
  • Boss fights distinguish paul the Toy from other runner games. 
  • Each chapter ends with an adrenaline ged, brutal boss fight. 
  • Find out hidden methods to defeat the boss and continue on to the next chapter.
  • Is one pelican hero not enough for you? Collect special skins for Paul!
  • Countless skins with spectacular effects add to the entertainment.
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