Android Games: Brain Attack (APK)

Written By Mekhels O' Cypher on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | 7:48 AM

Free Download Brain Attack Android Games APK - Games Description: Action-packed LEGO® Hero Factory game – fight the evil brains! Enjoy the latest, all-action LEGO® Hero Factory game, featuring awesome 3D graphics, incredible weapons and an army of evil brains. 

Makuhero City is under attack and only you can save the day! 
  • Defend Makuhero City and stop the waves of brains attacking the Hero Factory 
  • Customise your hero with fantastic weapons and armour 
  • Select Furno, Bulk, Breeze or Rocka to fight as your sidekick 
  • Earn game points to upgrade your firepower and defences The Hero Factory needs your help. 
  • Can you be its greatest defender? 
This is the first release of a game that will be d throughout 2013 with lots of additional content and features. Standby for a major at the end of January!

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